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Collect your student ID card

Your student ID card is used to attend exams and to print in the school buildings. You can also use it for student discounts or as a payment method on campus.

Your student ID is an essential way of moving about campus. You can use it to pay for food and drinks in campus shops, to use printers and attend exams. You'll also need it to take advantage of student discounts in shops or attractions  around Amsterdam.

To apply for your ID (free of charge), follow these simple steps:

1. Upload photo

In order for AUAS to print your student ID card, you need to upload your picture on myHvAcard(opens in new window) before Sunday 21 January 2024. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation of your student ID card application. 

Summer arrivals: deadline will be mid August 2024.

2. Collect ID

The student ID card will not be sent to international addresses. You can collect your student ID card at the Service Point or Customer Service Desk(opens in new window) of your study programme. 
Student ID cards are available from Thursday 25 January 2024 and onwards. Don't forget to bring your passport or ID-card to identify yourself.

More information on Student ID card
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