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Find a buddy

Get over those first tricky social hurdles by getting a buddy and heading to student network events.


Our capital city has a lot to offer, but it can be a lot to get to grips with on your own. Buddy programmes offer a great way to meet new people and get that much needed support as you settle in to your new city and student life. 

ESN Amsterdam

The Erasmus Student Network Amsterdam (ESN) matches local students with exchange students, supporting over 1000 international students each year. They also organise an introduction programme for exchange students at the start of each semester. Exchange students will receive an email from their international office with registration information for the ESN Intro event.

Find a buddy
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ESN Amsterdam

Friends in housing

Most AUAS housing buildings have Resident Assistants (RAs) and/or caretakers. RAs are local students who live alongside international students. They are there to help to build a community through fun activities and events. They are your first point of contact in your building. You can also turn to caretakers in your building if you need help with something. 

Don't be strangers! Introduce yourself to your new neighbours, attend events to get to know other people and join social media groups of your building or floor.

Introductory events at the AUAS 

AUAS central introduction
International students starting in the Fall Semester are invited to attend central AUAS events to kick off their studies in festive style: the AUAS Experience. Join us, meet new people and have a great start to your studies at the AUAS!

View the AUAS Experience website

Faculty or study programme introduction
You will also be invited to smaller-scale celebrations and orientation activities directly by your study programme or local international office. During the introduction period (which starts at the end of August) you will get to know your new classmates, teachers and our university of applied sciences. For information and dates, contact your international office or study programme.


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