Find a buddy

Get over those first tricky social hurdles by getting a buddy and heading to student network events.

Our capital city has a lot to offer, but it can be a lot to get to grips with on your own. A number of student networks run buddy programmes that support you with first contacts as well as social events to help you establish a group of friends.

ESN Amsterdam

The Erasmus Student Network Amsterdam (ESN) matches local students with exchange students, supporting over 1000 international students each year. They also organise a introduction programme (partially online and offline) for exchange students in February 2023.

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The Amsterdam Student Union (ASVA) offers a buddy program for the entire semester. This also includes digital contact if you need to self-quarantine. During the 10 day isolation, buddies can help you with groceries and getting settled in. They work together with relevant study associations who match students with students from their own study programmes.

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AUAS Experience

The AUAS is so much more than just your programme. Several student associations and student platforms can help you to make friends. Discover what else you can do at the AUAS Experience!

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