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Everyone needs support. Here are the ways to access support if you are struggling with an academic or personal issue, or wish to develop your skills.

The student counsellor's door is always open

Student counsellors

During your studies, you can contact the student counsellor for information, advice or guidance regarding your study career or personal circumstances. For example, if you study with a disability, combine top sport with your studies or are a caregiver. The student counsellor is also there for you in case of a (possible) study delay or in case of financial problems related to your study. Together with the student counsellor, you will look for solutions and actions that will lead to an improvement in your personal functioning and your studies.

Already a student at AUAS? You can contact the student counsellor and schedule an appointment.(opens in new window)

Student counsellors are available for students already enrolled at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Prospective students can send a question to the international office.(opens in new window)

Student counsellors

Training and workshops for students

The AUAS organises all kinds of training courses and workshops to support students such as study skills, language and personal development. We can also help you if you find it difficult to organise your time, if you experience stress or motivation dips during your studies. If you'd like to make a start yourself, you can also practice with online modules. All training courses and modules for students can be found on Student Info - the internal website available to all AUAS students.

Student doctors and psychologists

If you are a student at the AUAS and you need care from a doctor or psychologist, you can contact the Student Doctors Office and AUAS student psychologists. The doctors of the Student Doctors Office perform the same work as regular general practitioners, but are also focused on specific aspects of student life.

Student Doctors Office
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It may happen that you run into smaller or larger psychological problems during your study time. These may include fear of failure, persistent worry, motivation problems, a death of someone close to you, relationship or other personal problems. Then you can contact the student psychologists. They help you get back on track with conversations or group therapy. They may also refer you to outside help if needed.

Email Student Psychologist
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Support with personal circumstances

If there are certain special circumstances that may affect your studies, we'd like to hear about them. For example, you may be a status holder, top athlete, caregiver, international student, entrepreneur or come from the Dutch-Caribbean Netherlands? Read how the AUAS can support you during your studies. In which case read about how we can support you.

Info for students with special circumstances

Trusted person

If you come into contact with undesirable behaviour during your studies or internship, you can contact a confidential counsellor from the AUAS. Inappropriate behaviour means: discrimination, intimidation, bullying or aggression of any kind. You can share your story and discuss what to do. The counsellor ensures that your question or complaint is treated confidentially, works with you to find a solution and assists you in the event of a formal complaint.

If you have general questions, or  want to know more, then send an email.

Email trusted person
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