The following people are currently involved in the Research and Educational developments of the Digital Production Research Group and Robot Studio:


Main team DPRG / Robot Studio

  • Marta Malé-Alemany, Dr Architect (Head Lecturer Research Team & Robot Studio Leader)
  • Liselotte van Dijk, Industrial Design Engineer (Senior Researcher & Project Scout)
  • Erno Langenberg, Architect (Senior Researcher, Digital Design and Production)
  • Sebastian Yap, Engineer Electronica (Senior Researcher & Technology Scout)
  • Marco Galli, Architect (Researcher, Digital Design and Production)
  • Javid Jooshesh, Architect (Researcher, Digital Design and Production)
  • Tony Schoen, Engineer (Project manager & Funding Scout)

Collaborators / DPRG Research

Collaborators / Robot Studio


Interns Robot Studio / Sept 2020 - Jan 2021

  • Jakob de Koning (Industrial Design Engineering)
  • Casper Waalkens (Industrial Design Engineering)
  • Cameron Roeten (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Djani Cerneus  (Arch. Technology - Built Environment)
  • Jurriaan Nuijs (Arch. Technology - Built Environment)
  • David ’t Lam (Industrial Design Engineering)
  • Moos de Beer  (Industrial Design Engineering)
  • Niels Hansen  (Electro-technique Engineering)
  • Tanie Ali (Hout en Meubilierings College - Amsterdam) MBO
  • Finn Buskermolen (Hout en Meubilierings College - Amsterdam) MBO
Published by  Faculty of Technology 9 March 2021