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Team and contacts

The research team at Urban Technology comprises 80 full and part time researchers. Below you find our contacts.

Centre of Expertise Urban Technology

General enquiries: info@urbantechnology.nl
Manager: Andrea Haker
Coordinator international cooperation: Mark van Wees

Circular Transition

Research coordinator: Yanti Slaats
Coordinating Professor: Inge Oskam

Logistics and Mobility

Research coordinator: Susanne Balm
Coordinating Professor: Dick van Damme

Energy Transition

Research coordinator: Felia Boerwinkel
Coordinating Professor: Renée Heller

Designing Future Cities

Research coordinator: Gideon Spanjar
Coordinating Professor: Frank Suurenbroek


Assistant Professor Sustainable Energy Systems: to be determined
Assistant Professor Circular Construction: Ed Melet
Assistant Professor Logistics: Thierry Verduijn
Assistant Professor Digital Production Marta Malé-Alemany

The full list of our staff can be found here.
More information about professorships can be found here.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 26 November 2020