Why hire an intern?

Supervising an intern is fun and inspiring work. Besides the fact that you get to see the student develop into a starting practitioner, it can also provide you and your colleagues with new insights and products. Hire an intern from Sports Studies- track ISMB and you get a young employee who is internationally orientated and knows all about the latest developments in this field.

Interns will give you and your organisation the following 5 advantages:

1. Interns keep you sharp

A trainee regularly asks you to explain why you do things the way you do and takes a critical attitude. Your own working methods and self-evident patterns are scrutinised and that offers you the opportunity to develop further. Our interns keep you on your toes.

2. They deliver new ideas

You probably have one or more ideas just sitting on the shelf due to lack of time. That boost you want to give your social media channels to improve the visibility of your brand, a customer satisfaction survey to improve your service. Outsource the job to your trainee and make sure you follow up on those ideas.

3. Interns offer you and your organisation a different perspective

4. They offer extra hands in busy times

5. Interns can provide you with a continuous source of new knowledge

By partnering up with our university and setting up internships throughout the Sport Studies programme, interns can provide you with a continuous source of new knowledge.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 5 June 2023