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The Library furthers knowledge and helps to improve the quality of higher education in Amsterdam. Read more about what the Library does and why.


The UvA/AUAS Library is an inspiring and welcoming space for researchers, lecturers and students to study, do research and meet, both on and off line. The Library:

1. Collects, keeps, manages and selects information

We collect, keep, manage and select information from the global information supply. We offer a platform to students and researchers to share resources both from the past and the present, and thus make this information available to a wide range of users.

2. Offers tailor-made support

We provide tailor-made support to our users to find the right sources in the extensive supply of information, for application in research and teaching.

3. Is also a museum

In this regard, we make use of our unique combination of libraries and museum. This way we try to move knowledge forward and help to improve the quality of higher education in Amsterdam.

See our Open Knowledge! UvA/AUAS Library Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

Personal data

The Library makes use of personal data in order to follow the lending procedure, including for the purpose of sending out reminders and information about members’ reserved items. The personal data may also be used to keep members informed of changes made to the lending procedures and for sending out announcements about the Library's services. See also the AUAS Privacy Statement .


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Annual reports

See our annual reports.

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