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Missed a workshop? Watch it back!

28 Aug 2020 12:07 | HvA Library

Are you also curious how you can make your teaching more interactive now that you teach mainly from behind a computer? Are you looking for tools that make interaction possible? Then watch the workshops back online.

On Tuesday 25 August, lecturers from the AUAS and other interested people could follow a workshop about Wikiwijs and about interaction in Brightspace with the H5P tool. The workshops were well attended.

Meanwhile, these workshops have been edited into knowledge clips that you can look back online yourself, they are offered through the Library. The spoken language is Dutch.

Some reactions from participants (translated):

About Wikiwijs:

"I was not yet familiar with Wikiwijs. I think I will use it for new teaching material to be developed".

About H5P:

"At least I'm going to register. And yes, I think I'm going to use H5P as well".