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Searchlight course now directly available in Brightspace

9 Nov 2020 17:08 | HvA Library

AUAS lecturers who would like to offer the Searchlight courses to students only need to refer to Brightspace, the AUAS digital learning environment. The course teaching students how to conduct smart searches has recently been included in Brightspace, in order to improve its connection with educational activities.

Until recently, lecturers and students had to use an external platform (courses.library.amsterdamuas.com ) to be able to access the online Searchlight course. This is no longer necessary now that the course has been included in Brightspace and students can easily sign up for the course themselves. The Searchlight course will still be available on the external platform until 1 February 2021.

Update teaching materials in time

The AUAS Library advises lecturers to update their teaching materials before 1 February 2021. To prevent dead links in teaching materials, lecturers will have to remove references to the Searchlight course on courses.library.hva.nl. From now on, they can refer students to the Searchlight course in Brightspace, where – after logging in with their AUAS ID – they can sign up for the desired Searchlight course modules. From that moment on, Searchlight will be available in students’ personal Brightspace environment.


The Searchlight course is a product of the AUAS Library. In the online course module, students can learn – step by step – how to find information for their assignments and thesis, quickly and in a smart fashion. The course comprises various levels, from beginner to advanced, and is frequently used by AUAS lecturers to supplement their own teaching. The Dutch version of the course is called Zoeklicht. More information about the Searchlight course can be found on the AUAS Library website.


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