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Termination of RefWorks licence

1 Dec 2020 10:00 | HvA Library

As of July 2022, the AUAS Library will no longer be making the citations management program RefWorks available. After that date, the RefWorks accounts of AUAS staff and students will no longer be accessible.

This means that data must be migrated to a different program no later than June 2022. Until that time you can continue to use RefWorks.

Although terminating RefWorks will not affect most researchers, some people will definitely experience the consequences of this decision. For that reason, the AUAS Library has personally contacted those who use RefWorks very often.

Why is the AUAS Library no longer going to offer RefWorks?

  • RefWorks does not sufficiently meet our needs and requirements.
  • User numbers are low (less than 1% of the AUAS community).
  • There are alternatives – including free alternatives – such as Mendeley and Zotero. References can be migrated.
  • In addition to RefWorks, other citation management programs are in use at AUAS, such as Mendeley and Endnote. In contrast to RefWorks, individual and group licensing agreements can be concluded for these programs.

Maintaining an expensive institutional licence for the AUAS Library is therefore no longer justifiable.

Other citation tools:

Mendeley (link)

Zotero (link)


For more information, support and advice, please contact the library.