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20 Apr 2021 10:41 | HvA Library

How convenient would it be if there was a direct link to a PDF file on an article you found in the AUAS Catalogue? The LibKey tool makes this possible for a large number of articles. The UvA and AUAS Libraries have a trial subscription until July 2021. So check out our Catalogue and start downloading those PDF's.

In CataloguePlus of the AUAS Library you will always find a reference to the article page of the publisher with a link to the PDF version of the article. Now there is a faster way to consult articles: during the trial license for LibKey, many articles also contain a direct link to the PDF version of the article and a link to the table of contents of the relevant journal issue.

Search results in Catalogue Plus with reference to the LibKey tool

Example of a search result with LibKey (Image: CataloguePlus).


In the Scopus database you will also find an AUAS LibKey full text link next to the HvALinker.

Other search options

It is also possible to search the pdf of an article itself by entering the DOI or PMID of the article in the LibKey search box for the AUAS Library or by pasting it in the following URL / pmid} .

By installing the LibKey browser extension in your favorite browser you will also see links on web pages of scientific publishers and services such as Wikipedia, PubMed or ResearchGate to the full digital version of articles in open access or from journals to which the AUAS Library is subscribed.

To use LibKey, you don't have to be logged into the AUAS network via VPN.

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