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Access to RefWorks will end by 1 July 2022

Migrate to another programme on time

2 May 2022 17:08 | HvA Library

From 1 July 2022, AUAS staff en students will no longer have access to RefWorks. If you do not want to lose any data, make sure to migrate to an alternative programme in June at the very latest.

The citation management programme RefWorks has been made available to AUAS staff and students by the AUAS Library since 2010. However, the use of RefWorks is very low. Moreover, evaluations have shown that the programme does not sufficiently meet user demands and needs. Therefore, the Library decided in 2020 to stop providing access to RefWorks as of July 2022.

The discontinuation of RefWorks has been communicated to users since the end of 2020, to give users sufficient time to switch to another program.

What does the discontinuation of RefWorks mean for you?

For the majority of AUAS staff members, the discontinuation of RefWorks will not have consequences. However, please consider the following if you are still using RefWorks:

  • From July 2022 you will no longer have access to RefWorks and your references.

  • You can export your RefWorks references and folder RefWorks to a (free) citation programme, such as Mendeley or Zotero. These are currently very suitable alternatives. Please start in good time.

  • Be aware that not all elements can be migrated (attachments, tags, notes).

  • Please note: documents in which you have already worked with RefWorks are not compatible with other citation programmes. Go to the library website to check the options.

More information

On the website of the Library you can find more information regarding the discontinuation of RefWorks. Here you can find, amongst others, manuals to help you transfer your RefWorks references to Mendeley or Zotero.

Are you experiencing any difficulties and would you like support or advice?
Please contact the RefWorks contact for your faculty . The relevant librarian will be happy to help you.

On Tuesday 10 May, the Library (UvA) will offer an introductory workshop for Mendeley and on Wednesday 11 May a workshop for Zotero . HvA staff and students can also sign up for these workshops.