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Improved version of CataloguePlus

Added database search functionality

27 Jun 2022 00:00 | HvA Library

As of Monday, 4 July, it will be possible to use CataloguePlus to search databases. On that day, the AUAS Library will integrate the databases from the database selector into CataloguePlus. Users will not experience any disruption, as the change will be implemented behind the scenes. However, the interface will become different.

The Library is continuously improving its systems to make the search for (academic) literature and other information sources as user-friendly as possible. Library users will already be familiar with CataloguePlus, the Library’s catalogue system, which searches the collections and lets users consult online sources such as e-books and articles. As of 4 July, this system will also include the databases that the Library offers access to.

CataloguePlus as the starting point

Integrating the database selector functionality into CataloguePlus will make the catalogue function more like a starting point for (academic) literature and other information sources searches. It also reduces the number of Library systems. Moreover, the way you look for databases will become similar to the way you look for materials such as books and magazines.

New interface, improved search functionality

To search the more than 125 databases that the Library offers access to, use the Databases button at the top of the CataloguePlus screen.

Screenshot database search in CataloguePlus

From 4 July, you will notice some changes to the database search environment. The new interface will be similar in style to the rest of CataloguePlus. Instead of an overview of databases, you will be presented with a search bar (with auto-complete functionality). You will also be able to filter by discipline or type, just like you are already used to.

The URL will remain accessible for the time being, but will redirect you to the new location in CataloguePlus. This is useful if you have saved this URL in your bookmarks.

Brightspace functionality

In the current situation, some databases are embedded in Brightspace. The functionality to include databases (or their metadata) in Brightspace will change on the same date, i.e. Monday, 4 July. From that moment on, existing links will redirect you to the new location of the databases in CataloguePlus.

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