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The Library eases borrowing conditions

No more mounting fines and extended loan periods

17 Nov 2022 15:42 | HvA Library

From Monday 21 November, the Library will no longer charge fines for returning borrowed books late. This means no more worries about ever-increasing fines. From 21 November, the Library will also remove old fines.

The current renewal and fine conditions for borrowing materials from the UvA/AUAS Library is now more than 10 years old. New insights during corona, wishes of borrowers, but also global developments have led the Library to take a critical look at the procedures. Conclusion? These procedures and conditions could be more customer-friendly and efficient.

Current procedures

Fines were once created to ensure that borrowed materials are returned on time. We now know that, in practice, this turns out differently and that borrowed material unfortunately regularly stays away for a long time. Moreover, the current procedure from due date to invoice to collection agency simply takes too long. A lot of time passes before the material reaches the next borrower.

New conditions - Borrowing stays borrowing

The Library will adjust the loan conditions from Monday 21 November. However, it should be clear: borrowing remains borrowing. No mounting fines still means that you return borrowed material on time and not keep it at home unnecessarily.

The new conditions and procedure:

  • You will be able to use borrowed material with a standard loan period for a maximum of six months, provided no one else has placed a reservation on the material.
  • Do you still have borrowed material and is the end of the loan period approaching? Then we will send you reminder e-mails with information about the specific items. You will also receive overviews of the materials you still have at home.
  • Still don't hand in your books? Then we will block your library account and you will no longer be able to request or borrow items. This does not happen until the 11th day after your loan period has expired.
  • Have you still not returned the borrowed materials after 3 weeks? Then you will receive a bill, possibly followed by a collection agency.

More information

Check the webpage Borrowing & Renewals (updated as of Monday 21 November). If you have any questions, please contact the Library.