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Successor of NARCIS database available

5 Jul 2023 21:34 | HvA Library

The national database NARCIS and its associated services have been terminated as of July 3rd. The content, such as metadata of publications and datasets, will remain available to various educational institutions, including the AUAS. Even more conveniently, the successor to NARCIS has already been made available.


NARCIS stands for National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System and was provided by DANS, the national expertise center and repository for research data. NARCIS provided access to scientific information for researchers, students, journalists, and professionals in education, government, and the business sector. This included (open access) publications from all Dutch universities, various scientific institutions, and datasets from data archives. Additionally, NARCIS contained descriptions of research projects, experts, and research institutes in the Netherlands.

In recent years, NARCIS could also be found through the database list of the AUAS Library.

The Netherlands Research Portal

Users of NARCIS need not despair. Recently, The Netherlands Research Portal was launched for all Dutch research output. An initiative by UKB, SURF, and OpenAIRE, organisations in the field of open knowledge, e-infrastructure, and IT innovation. This portal will be "a game-changer for researchers, institutions, and the wider public, as it provides seamless access to the latest Dutch research results," according to the initiating organisations.

It will also offer journalists, policymakers, and researchers user-friendly access to tools that enable them to find interdisciplinary research and stimulate innovation and change.