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Search in Specific Information Resources

Sometimes you need specialist information for your research. Where can you find it? Watch these videos to find out.

How do I search in social media?

Social media are very useful, for example to find the right person for an interview or internship. Watch how to do this.

How do I find research reports on the web?

Research reports can be very useful for your studies. In this video you will find some tips on how to find such reports on the Internet.

Where can I find images on a specific subject?

There are various possibilities to find images. What if you only wish to find images that can be used freely (on certain conditions)?

How can I find good summaries of books?

A summary of a book is often very useful to get a good idea of its contents quickly. These summaries are not always unbiased. How do you find summaries which are not biased?

Published by  HvA Library 7 October 2020