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Fashion is a serious business. Behind the façade of luxury and glamour lies one of the largest and most dynamic global industries. AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute is the only fashion institute in the Netherlands that offers a Bachelor’s degree programme that covers the entire fashion chain. At AMFI you explore the fashion world through the prism of three key dimensions: design, branding, and business and development.

Unique programme

AMFI is the only fashion institute in the Netherlands that offers multiple pathways and areas of expertise. Our education embraces the entire creative process of design, production, distribution, branding and communication to prepare you for your future in fashion. Different routes are offered through which you can deepen your knowledge but also broaden your vision. We are unique in bridging the gap between creativity and commerce. We offer added value with our creative approach and an educational concept based around integrative learning. Students with different ambitions and talents come together under one roof to learn alongside and from each other. Our students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Textile Technologies.

Opportunity to Specialise

AMFI puts you in control of your own development. You can make many choices concerning your own programme over the course of your studies. In addition to specialising in design, branding or business and development, you can also opt to combine these dimensions. See below for an overview of key topics for each dimension.

  • Design: design, concepts and trends, creating a collection, knowledge of textiles, pattern design, realisation, drawing and visualisation.
  • Business and Development: knowledge of textiles, creating a collection, product theory, ICT logistics, international operational management, knowledge of the retail sector, management skills and economics.
  • Branding: concepts and trends, brand strategy, marketing and visual communication, writing for a target group, design knowledge, spatial and graphic design and visual merchandising.

Reality School concept

We mix theory with practice by working together with (international) organizations, business partners and other educational institutions. We believe in collaboration and cross-disciplinary power; through these collaborations, more and more expertise will be acquired and exchanged. Mutual knowledge exchange and innovation are leading.

Fashion brand individuals

iNDiViDUALS is an in-house fashion studio by AMFI established in 2006. The studio is a collective of creative minds from the design, branding, and business and development departments of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Each semester a new generation is born and exists out of ambitious individuals who get the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge within the industry. iNDiViDUALS consults industry companies throughout all parts of their fashion businesses. All tasks and responsibilities are run by third and fourth-year Design, Branding, and Business and Development students. Fusing these three dimensions makes for the successful formula that is iNDiViDUALS.

Your Campus

AMFI is located along the Amstel river on the Mauritskade. The historic building once housed the Amstel Brewery and maintains many of its monumental features. Part of the Amstelcampus, our students also have classes in the nearby Benno Premselahuis and Kohnstammhuis. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is within bicycling distance of the historic city center, as well as popular places such as De Pijp, the Vondelpark and the Westergasfabriek.

Being based in Amsterdam offers great advantages and these are well known among students. Also the closeness of the fashion industry makes the city centre the perfect base for AMFI. Many fashion companies have their (international) headquarters in Amsterdam, offering interesting work-placements for students.

Your Classmates

Students come to study fashion at AMFI from over 54 countries across the world. The majority of the student population is Dutch, but over half of these students participate in the International variants of the Design, Branding and Business and Development programmes. Many projects focus on using your individual talents and skills to work in a team. 

Teaching Staff

Denim, sustainability, pattern drawing, virtual design, concepting, textiles, new technologies, branding, sourcing, fashion identities, research, visual culture, and many more – the expertise of our lecturers in their respective fields is broad and deep. Many lecturers are actively working in the fashion industry and maintain professional connections for guest lectures, internships and special collaborations.