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Dr Debbie Kramer-Roys Keynote on ENOTHE 2022

OT-Euromasters Director of Education, Debbie Kramer-Roy, spoke about the profession of occupational therapy in transition.

OT-Euromasters Director of Education, Debbie Kramer-Roy, was selected to give the Hanneke van Bruggen lecture on the 2022 ENOTHE Conference on the 16th of October in Tbilisi, Georgia. Debbie spoke about the transitions within the profession of occupational therapy.  

ENOTHE 2022 OT-Euromaster Delegation

The Occupational Therapy Profession(al) in Transition: a case of Opening, Closing and Revolving Doors 

Debbie reflected on the global developments in the profession of occupational therapy during the past decades through her own story of professional development, growth and achievements. Debbie used the metaphor of opening and closing doors; she reflected on some doors opening due to new research evidence, where others (maybe even too hastily) closed where important elements of the profession were at risk of being lost, such as the use of creativity and the medical knowledge base.  

Within her keynote, Debbie argued that an open, but also critical point of view is needed, in addition to an attitude of collaboration and inclusiveness, as these are all essential for the profession to flourish.  

Debbie Kramer-Roy is the Director Education at the European MSc in OT on the Amsterdam UAS and Lecturer at Hanze UAS Groningen.