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International Stamp of Approval

Certificate of Excellence for Quality in Programme Internationalisation

The AUAS programme European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for Quality in Programme Internationalisation (CeQuInt).

In addition to the NVAO accreditation, the OT-EuroMaster underwent accreditation for the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation CeQuint according to the ECA standards (European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education) in 2023. For the special feature internationalisation, the standards are assessed with grades and we are very proud to share the recently announced news that in the standards “Teaching and Learning” and “Students”, the European MSc in OT was graded “excellent”!

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded for “Successfully implementing effective internationalization activities which demonstrably contribute to the quality of teaching and learning”. According to the panel who wrote the accreditation report “the OT-EuroMaster programme breathes internationalisation and is built on solid foundations which are shared and supported by the entire consortium.” The panel commended the programme on the commitment of the consortium partners and their staff teams to the curriculum, the students and the teaching methods. According to their judgement, “students develop an intercultural awareness and sensitivity, which they continue to use in their professional career. Across all CeQuInt standards, the panel considers that programme performance excels most in teaching and learning.”

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as a whole and the Faculty of Health congratulate everyone who are involved in this excellent programme.

Read all the details on the evaluation here.