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AMSIB - International Business

Study load

This programme offers students a minimum of 20 contact hours per week during the first year of their studies. One contact hour is equivalent to one teaching hour of 50 minutes. Each academic year includes 42 weeks of lessons per year.

Contact time

The contact time within the degree programme comprises of lectures, seminars, projects, and team work. The number of contact hours per week in the first year is 20 hours. Contact hours are considered equivalent to 50-minute teaching hours.


In addition to your contact hours, you are expected to spend around 20 hours working (either alone or with fellow students) on projects and research, assignments, or preparing for classes/exams via self-study.

Binding study advice

In the first academic year, you must attain 60 credits from the AUAS. One credit equals 28 hours study time. If you attain fewer than 50 credits,  you will receive a negative binding study advice (BSA). This means you will not be able to continue with the programme. You can then discuss with your coach or student counsellor whether another programme would be more suitable for you. 

Year 1
Year 2, 3 and 4