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Diversity in Urban Education

Diversity in Urban Education offers the possibility to gain skills and insight in practice and theories about diversity. A topic that plays a major role in social education and teaching, not in the least in urban contexts. The main focus is: how do you meet and work with diversity?

During the course, questions will be asked such as:

  • How does the social educator, the pedagogue, the teacher work with diversity in day care centres, in schools, in parental advice centres, in youth or community work or in social settings?
  • What is your own identity in a diverse setting?
  • How do you communicate with children and parents?
  • How do you support empowerment?
  • How do you create inclusive environments?

You will be challenged to answers these questions in the course segments ethical dilemmas, multicultural sensitivity, inclusion and culture and language. An applied research project is part of the programme. Field visits and social events will enable you to meet with pupils, parents, pedagogues and teachers, all living and working in the Amsterdam area. Theoretical courses are given to support and qualify the research issues, and each research group is supported by a supervisor.

Applied Research project

10 EC

Inclusion, Multicultural Sensitivity and Ethical Dilemmas15 EC
Cultural and Language5 EC
Total30 EC

Practical details

  • Level of English: B2
  • First cycle (bachelor)
  • Application deadline: 1 April/1 October
  • Autumn and Spring semester
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