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Qualifying as an elite athlete

Are you an (upcoming) elite athlete and you also want to study? Discover how you can qualify as an elite athlete at AUAS.


How to enter the AUAS sports policy

For international student athletes, there are two basic rules we take into consideration when entering the AUAS sports policy:

  • The reason for pursuing a dual career in Amsterdam: Do you come to Amsterdam to improve your sports level and reach your ultimate sport goals? Or is Amsterdam the best study option to become a high level professional outside sport? And you still want to be able to work on your development as an elite talent/athlete?
  • Sports level: do you play on a comparable level to what the sports federations and the NOC in the Netherlands have defined (national (youth) team)? Are you part of a high performance selection of a sports federation or play football at a professional football club?

Do you fulfil these criteria? Fill in the admission form. The Elite Sport Academy (TAA) will then get in contact with you to organise a meeting.

Elite sport admission form
See Elite Sports regulations

How do I connect with sports in the Netherlands?

In most cases the athlete is already in contact with a Dutch sport organisation. Especially when sport is the reason to come to Amsterdam. If not, the TAA can mediate for the athlete. This is done with our partner: Topsport Amsterdam, the elite athlete organisation of Amsterdam. Together with Topsport Amsterdam we can give you advice or in some cases connect you to an elite level sports organisation.

Note: We do not have University sport teams. That means you are active in your own national team and active on the highest Dutch regular sports (competition) level.

Are you not sure whether you qualify?

If you currently do not officially have an elite level status, the TAA can make certain exceptions when you only temporarily do not have proof of performing at an elite level. This could be because you are transitioning from a junior to senior team or because you are injured. In this case, please get in contact with your sports club or federation to receive a declaration that shows that this state is temporary. You can send us this declaration via email and fill in the admission form.

Are you still in doubt whether you qualify after you had a conversation with your sports club or federation? Get in contact with the TAA via the following form (coming soon in English).