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21+ entrance examination

The 21+ entrance is for students who are aged 21 or over and don't have a senior general secondary (HAVO), pre-university (VWO) or level-4 senior secondary vocational (MBO) education diploma.

It may be that you've decided to take on studies later in life or that your profession up until now needed a different kind of diploma. In these cases, you can apply using the 21+ entrance examination. The exam makes sure you're ready to begin studies in your chosen subject, and that your level of Dutch or English is good enough to receive teaching and submit assignments in that language.

It may be that you do not need to sit the subject exam for your chosen course. Please read our exemption criteria to see if this might be the case.

How the exams work

On this page you will find information on:

Please read the information below, and if needed, contact Student Affairs for more information.

How to sign up

The link below take you through to the sign up page. There you can make an account for yourself and be guided through the sign up process. To find out the documents you need, dates of exams and further information please read further.

Sign up for 21+
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Documents needed to apply

During signup, you will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid identity card
    • A passport, a drivers license, a residence permit or a foreign passport).

Those that want extra time or additional resources due to special needs or a disability will need:

  • A copy of a statement from a recognised professional indicating that you are eligible for exam time extension and/or additional resources.

Those that want to apply for exemption from the subject test will need:

  • A copy of the document showing why you are exempt from a subject exam. 

Start dates and process

The 21+ exam involves a subject test and a language test.  The subject test is for the area you want to study. The language test is to see if you have the level needed for the language your course is taught in.

Once you enrol, you will automatically be entered for both tests. It is possible you do not have to sit the subject test - see exemptions below.

Start date (Subject test)Registration deadline
Saturday 26 November 2022Sunday 13 November 2022
Saturday 18 March 2023Sunday 5 March 2023
Saturday 6 May 2023Sunday 23 April 2023
  • If you don’t have to take a subject test, you still have to register for one of the registration dates. You will automatically receive an invitation for the language test(s).
  • All the information you need to take the test(s) will be in the email.

Language test dates

DateLanguage test
Thursday 12 January 2023Dutch, reading and writing
Friday 13 January 2023English, reading and writing
Thursday 22 June 2023Dutch, reading and writing
Friday 23 June 2023English, reading and writing
Thursday 27 July 2023Dutch, reading and writing
Friday 28 July 2023English, reading and writing

Receiving your results

Your results will be sent two weeks after your exam to the email address you registered with. You will pass if you score 6 out of 10 or higher.

Upon passing you will receive an Admissibility Statement, which also be automatically sent to the course you are applying for. A positive result will be valid for two years.

You can read more about actions you can take if you fail, or if you wish to object to a result on the 21+ results page.


You do not need to take a subject test if you have a senior general secondary education (HAVO) or pre-university education (VWO) modular certificate for the subject being tested. You can request an exemption by sending a certified copy of this modular certificate and your list of final marks together with your registration. These documents must be uploaded together with your digital registration form.

Download exemption application form

Read more about exemptions.

Costs and how to pay

The 21+-entrance examination costs € 185,-. This sum is regardless of the number of tests * that you will sit (also in case of partial exemption) and includes any resits that you take.

For the test round of 6 May 2023 the costs are € 125,-. This sum is regardless of the number of tests that you will sit (also in case of partial exemption). With this round you are not entitled to a resit. Not for the subject test and not for the language test.

You can register twice a year. If you register for the second time, you will need to pay the full amount again. Regardless of the number of tests that you will sit in.

How to pay

You can pay with iDEAL or by credit card (Mastercard and Visa). The participation fee must be paid before you register for the 21+-entrance examination.

Payment details: NL52DEUT0428925111, account name: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, stating: kp 230105, 21+-, and your first name and surname.

Changing or cancelling a test date

Changing a test date

It is possible to change your test date to one later in the same academic year if it is requested in an email prior to the deadline for registering and deregistering.

If you want to change the test date after the deadline for registering and deregistering, it will only be possible if there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness, an accident, circumstances beyond your control involving public transport or weather conditions).

Changing your registration to a different academic year is not possible.

Cancelling a test

When registering for the 21+-entrance examination, the AUAS General Conditions of Sale for private clients are applicable.

  • Within two weeks of registration, the registration may be cancelled at no extra costs.
  • If you cancel after this period, the following applies:
Up until six weeks before test€125
Between six and three weeks before test€87.50 (= 50% of fee)
Between three weeks and one week before test€43.75 (= 25% of fee)
One week before testNo restitution possible

In exceptional cases, the AUAS staff organising the 21+-entrance examination may decide to derogate from this cancellation policy (e.g. in case of exceptional personal circumstances).

Substantiated requests including documentation can be submitted via toelatingstoets@hva.nl

The education date referred to in Article 3 of the sales values concerns the date of entry for the 21+-entrance examination.


Questions about the 21+- entrance examination, the preparatory courses or the 21+- exams?

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