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Office of Appeals, Objections and Complaints - Office BBK

You can submit an appeal, objection or complaint at the Office BBK, whose rules and procedures are explained on this page. The forms used to submit an appeal, objection or complaint are also on this page.

What is the difference between an appeal, objection or complaint?

  1. Appeals are made against decisions by an examinations board or examiner

Appeals are handled by the Examination Appeals Board (CBE). You may submit a notice of appeal if you disagree with a written decision communicated to you by an examiner (lecturer) or examinations board. This applies solely to individual decisions relating only to you that have a specific effect (legal consequence).

Examples include decisions about:

  1. negative binding study advice
  2. interim and final examination results (marks/grades for interim examinations)
  3. fraud
  4. admission to interim examinations
  5. additional resit opportunities
  6. refusal to grant an exemption.

The Examination Appeals Board only handles notices of appeal that relate to a decision made by an examinations board or examiner (grading by a lecturer). In a number of cases, such as those relating to grading or study advice, decisions are made immediately. Sometimes, you have to submit a request to the examinations board first, for example if you are seeking an additional resit opportunity or exemption. Check the webpage of your examinations board for more information.

The notice of appeal must be submitted within six weeks of the day on which you were notified of the decision. The notice of appeal may only be submitted digitally via the link below.

Appeals procedure

 2. Objections are made to decisions made by or on behalf of the Executive Board (university administration or faculty decisions, for example)

Objections are handled by the Disputes Advisory Committee (GAC). The procedure for submitting an objection to the GAC is open to students (including future and former students) who disagree with a decision made by or on behalf of the Executive Board. This includes decisions made by faculty deans and the Central Student Administration (CSA).

Examples include decisions about:

  1. temporary or permanent enrolment or termination of enrolment in a degree programme
  2. study checks
  3. tuition fees
  4. suspension
  5. disciplinary measures
  6. not being granted financial assistance under the Student Financial Assistance Scheme.

The notice of objection must be submitted within six weeks of the day on which you were notified of the decision. The notice of objection may only be submitted digitally, using the forms on this page.

Objections procedure

If you are still not sure whether you should submit an appeal or an objection, this flowchart explains the difference between the two.

What is the timeframe for submitting an appeal or objection?
If you wish to submit an appeal or objection against a decision, you must do so within six weeks of the day on which you were notified of the decision. Submitting a notice of appeal or objection too late will almost always mean that the substance of your appeal or objection cannot be assessed.

Before you submit a notice of appeal or objection, you can of course discuss the issue with an academic adviser, a student counsellor or the examiner (lecturer). Please keep the six-week deadline mentioned above in mind.

3. Complaints are about the behaviour (i.e. not the decisions) of a body or staff member of the AUAS

Before submitting a complaint, you should always try to resolve the matter first with the staff member, department or programme manager concerned. Explain your complaint and request a meeting or written response. If this does not resolve the matter, you can consider submitting a complaint to the BBK Office.

Complaints procedure

A request is when you ask a body to make a decision. For example, you might submit a request to an examinations board or the CSA for an additional resit opportunity or temporary enrolment in a degree programme. Only once a decision has been made can you submit an appeal or objection.

Forms for submitting an appeal, objection, complaint or request to the CSA

To submit an appeal or objection, you must use the links below. You (or your representative) should log in with your AUAS ID, so that some of the information will already be filled in. If you carefully complete the rest of the form and upload the requested documents, your appeal or objection should meet the set requirements.

You use the same form to submit an appeal or an objection; whether it is an appeal or an objection is determined by the body that made the decision. It is therefore important that you clearly state who made the decision in question.

For example: for an interim examination grade, the body that made the decision is the examinations board or examiner (lecturer). If the decision relates to enrolment in a degree programme, it was made by the Central Student Administration (on behalf of the Executive Board).

Carefully check this information on the decision you disagree with. Check that all the details are correct and click ‘Submit’. You will receive an automatic reply to confirm that your appeal or objection has been received by the BBK Office. This email will also contain the assigned case number. Make a note of this number.

Make appeal or objection - AUAS-ID
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Make appeal or objection - no AUAS-ID
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Submit complaint
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Submit request to the CSA
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Information about Office BBK

The BBK Office does not handle cases itself. The office staff check your form and tell you about the procedural steps that will be taken in your case.

The BBK Office also provides administrative support to the CBE and GAC. If you have any questions about the procedure, you can contact the BBK Office from Monday to Thursday between 13:00 and 16:00 by calling 020 – 595 3373, or you can email us your questions. Please note: the BBK Office will never comment on the substance of your case or any possible outcome.