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Other types of insurance

Other than health insurance, there are several other types of insurance you may need when studying in the Netherlands. See the list below to see what best fits your situation.

Liability insurance

You are strongly advised to take out third person liability insurance. Liability insurance will insure you when you cause an accident and somebody is injured, or if you damage someone else’s property. Although this is not mandatory, it is important to be properly insured and avoid potentially high unwanted costs. In some cases, liability insurance is already included in your health insurance package. This is also the case with the health insurance company recommended by the AUAS. 

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Other types of insurance

The following types of insurance are not mandatory, but are important to consider:

Travel insurance

If you're planning to explore Europe during your stay at AUAS, it's recommended you take out a good travel insurance. This covers repatriation in case of health or other emergency, covers you for missed or delayed flights and delayed or missing baggage. You can usually get covered for a full year for not much more than the cost of being covered for a single trip.

Household contents insurance

Expensive items in your home can be covered by contents insurance against theft, fire or water damage. While not essential, it can give you peace of mind and prepares you for the unexpected. Please note damage to the structure of the house is covered by a different insurance and may be covered by your landlord's insurance. If you caused the damage, personal liability insurance would apply.

Repatriation insurance

Often coupled with evacuation insurance, this covers you for emergency travel home. It can also cover the travel of a relative to you in case of illness. If travelling, this is usually covered by travel insurance.