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Finishing your studies

As your AUAS studies come to an end, you need to take some steps with regards to immigration and your local municipality.

1. Return your residence permit card

Just before you leave the Netherlands, you must return your residence permit card to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) . There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can make an appointment at a nearby IND office.  You will receive proof that you owned a residence permit which can be useful for various other admin you need to do when leaving the Netherlands.
  2. You can post the card to the IND from within the Netherlands or from your home country at the following address:

IND Bureau Documenten, Postbus 7025
8007 HA Zwolle, The Netherlands

2. Deregister with the municipality

You must also deregister with the municipality (gemeente). The municipality removes your personal details from the database and informs other government authorities about your departure, including the IND.For more information about deregistration, go to the Municipality of Amsterdam website(opens in new window). If you live in another municipality please contact them directly.

Working in the Netherlands (Bachelor and Master only)

Students that finished their AUAS Bachelor or Master can apply for an orientation year or search year. This orientation year enables students to seek employment in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant. More info? Visit our working after graduation(opens in new window) page.