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FAQ Immigration procedure

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the immigration procedure.

When will I receive the immigration procedure? 

All necessary information regarding the immigration procedure will be sent to you in advance.  

  • Start your studies in September? You will receive the immigration procedure mid-May. 

  • Start your studies in February? You will receive the immigration procedure in November.  

When will you send my file to the IND?

We will forward your application to the IND once we have received all immigration necessities, documents and payments. Applications will be forwarded to IND from 3 June onwards, three months before the September start date of your study.  Start your studies in February? Applications will be forwarded to IND as soon as possible.


When will the IND decide on my application?

The IND takes approximately two to five weeks before they decide on your application. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up your procedure with the IND. AUAS Immigration Affairs have to wait for their decision. We will contact the IND for further information, if it takes longer than five weeks. 

How long does it take to get a residence permit? 

We cannot give you a precise indication of how long the IND takes. After we have sent your application to the IND, it takes them two to five weeks to reach a decision. Once we have received their visa and/or residence permit approval letter, we will let you know via email. 


Can you speed up the immigration procedure? 

No, AUAS Immigration Affairs cannot speed up the process. You can make sure to complete your residence permit application as soon as possible so it is ready when we can start sending applications to the IND. 


Can I collect my entry visa outside my home country? 

You can only collect your student entry visa outside your home country in the following two situations: 

  • You have legal residence in the country where you want to collect your entry visa. Legal residence means you have a passport, or a long-term residence permit for that country. A tourist visa, or short-stay visa is not sufficient. 

  • There is no Dutch embassy or consulate (representation) in your home country. In this case, you need to collect your visa from the Dutch representation that officially serves your country, which will generally be in a neighbouring country. Visit https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/country-overview(opens in new window)  for information of the Dutch representation that officially serves your country. 

How long before the start of my studies/exchange can I come to the Netherlands?

Students with a non-EU nationality are recommended for legal and practical reasons not to arrive in the Netherlands sooner than one month before the start date of their study programme. 


How long will my MVV be valid? 

After collecting your MVV, it is valid for 90 days. You must enter the Netherlands within this 90 day-period and pick up your residence permit at the IND office.  

A friend and I applied to your institute at the same time. They have already received the MVV approval. Has something gone wrong with my application? 

The IND simply cannot decide upon all applications at the same time, so not all approvals can be given at the same time. We will contact the IND after five weeks if there is still no approval. 

When will I receive my residence permit.  

You will receive an email from AUAS Immigration Affairs when your residence permit is ready for collection at the IND-office. This email explains how you can schedule an appointment online. When going to the IND desk, don’t forget to bring your passport! Keep in mind that it is not always possible to visit an IND desk at short notice. 

Even without your residence document, you have the rights associated with your residence permit. Your residence permit rights are in the letter with the decision on your application (Kennisgeving). This letter will be sent to you by AUAS Immigration Affairs in the ‘immigration procedure update’ email, as soon as we receive it from the IND. 


Do I need to undergo a TB test? 

If the country of your nationality is not on the list of exemptions below, the IND requires you to complete a ‘Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test’. By completing and signing this form, you declare that you are prepared to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test and – if necessary – treatment after your arrival in the Netherlands. 

If your country is not on the list, you need to fill in the form sent to you in the immigration procedure email: Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test from Immigration and Naturalisation Service appendix and send this to us with your application for your residence permit for study.