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Immigration FAQs for prospective students

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions to answer your concerns about immigrating as a prospective AUAS student.

Do I need a residence permit and MVV (entry visa) to study at AUAS?

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) helps determine whether you need a residence permit. Simply type in your nationality to see you if need one!

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How can I apply for my residence permit?                                                                

AUAS Immigration Affairs will apply for your residence permit on your behalf, you cannot do this yourself. Once you have been accepted as a Bachelor, Master or Exchange student, you will receive an email from AUAS Immigration Affairs with all the information you need to finalise the immigration procedure.

Please see the following pages for more information about the immigration procedure:

Info for Bachelor's or Master's Students
Info for incoming Exchange Students
Info for Transfer Students

How can I collect my residence permit?

Find out how to collect your residence permit

What are the financial requirements to study at AUAS?                                                 

In order to study at AUAS you need to fulfil certain financial requirements. Check the Costs page to see which costs are applicable to you.

Check the financial requirements


Will you apply for a residence permit for my partner and/or children? 

No, this is not possible unfortunately.  We only apply for a residence permit on behalf of the student. We unfortunately do not provide for additional immigration procedures for partners and/or children. The student can arrange this directly with the IND after arrival in the Netherlands and the student is therefore sponsor for family members.
Please be aware that a partner cannot work during the stay in the Netherlands. The family must therefore provide sufficient financial means to support itself during the entire study.

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Which study thresholds will I face during my studies?

Bachelor's and Master's students are bound by two thresholds concerning study progress. The first threshold is the binding study advice (BSA) which is applicable to the first and second year. The second threshold is the IND Threshold. If you do not meet both thresholds, your residence permit may be withdrawn.

Check maintain your residence permit

Can I travel freely during my studies?

With a valid residence permit and passport you can travel during your studies. You can travel freely through the Schengen Area, for every other country usual visa duties apply. If you are awaiting a procedure and you do not have a valid residence permit, you may need a return visa to re-enter the Netherlands. You must apply for a return visa directly with the IND. 

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Can I travel after my residence permit expired?

If your residence permit is expired, but you are in procedure of receiving a new one, you are not residing illegally in the Netherlands. However, travelling will be more complicated. You might need a return visa to travel and return to the Netherlands. tes

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Questions and support

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