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Maintain your residence permit for study purposes

If you are following an Associate Degree, Bachelor's or Master's programme and have a residence permit for study purposes, you must meet several requirements. In order to maintain your residence permit for study purposes, you must actively study and be enrolled, obtain sufficient credits for the IND study progress standard and show that you have sufficient financial resources with your yearly statement.

Stay on top of your studies

If you have not made sufficient study progress and your personal circumstances did not affect the result, AUAS Immigration Affairs must report this to the IND. After you have been deregistered due to insufficient study progress, AUAS immigration Affairs cannot apply for a new residence permit for you. For more information check the following website from the IND regarding study progress(opens in new window).

Study progress

At the end of every year, AUAS monitors whether you make sufficient progress in your studies. This is called study progress monitoring.

  • You maintain this residence permit when you obtain at least 50% of the required study credits at the end of each academic year (30 credits per year).
  • If your study progress is not sufficient, we must report this to the IND. Consequentially, you will lose your residence permit and you cannot switch to another study programme at AUAS.
  • Once you lose your residence permit at AUAS, AUAS cannot apply for a new residence permit on your behalf. You may however, switch to another educational institution to continue your studies there.

There are three situations in which the IND progress monitoring is not applicable:

1 Excusable cause due to personal circumstances: It is possible that due to personal circumstances you did not obtain 50 % of your required credits.

  • In this case you need to go to your student counsellor (studentendecaan) immediately.
  • Your student counselor can determine if you have an excusable cause that will exempt you from the IND study progress monitoring.
  • Please note that an excusable reason is only applicable to your current academic year and can be used only once during your studies at AUAS.

2 Almost graduating: If you will graduate before August 31th of this current study year, you do not have to worry about the study progress threshold since you will graduate before the end of the academic year.

3 Not studying at the AUAS with a residence permit for study purposes: If you do not have a residence permit purpose study, the IND study progress threshold does not apply to you.

Please inform AUAS Immigration Affairs as soon as possible and send a copy of your residence permit (front and back).  

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

The BSA is a recommendation issued by the examination board regarding whether or not a student will be permitted to continue their studies in the degree programme in which they are enrolled. Only when the BSA is positive the student is permitted to continue the study. For more information and exceptions, please see the Binding Study Advice(opens in new window) page.

Yearly statement

This yearly statement is sent out at the end of the academic year, just before the summer holidays, to the email address known to the Central Student Administration. You must complete this statement and send the documents to AUAS Immigration Affairs. The forms will state the relevant deadline and explain how they should be submitted. Please note that we will request additional financial documents from you to support what you have stated on the forms. If you do not submit additional documents, you will fail to meet one of the conditions of the residence permit, and AUAS Immigration Affairs will have to notify this to the IND.

See the Requirements for residence permit page for the consequences should we notify the IND that you have not met the yearly statement requirements.