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Binding study advice

At the end of each year, the examination board decides whether each student can continue their studies or not. This decision is called Binding Study Advice (BSA).

What is Binding Study Advice (BSA)?

During the first year of study you can obtain a maximum of 60 credits. Each study program determines the minimum number of points you need to obtain to be allowed to proceed to the second year. If you obtain more than the minimum number of points, you will receive a positive binding study advice. If you do not achieve the minimum number of credits, you will receive a negative binding study advice. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot continue with your studies current studies.

What can you do in the event of a negative advice?

If you obtain too few credits and receive a negative binding study advice, you will not be able to continue with your study programme. That is of course not fun. But maybe there is another course that suits you better? To find out, you can talk to a choice coach. Together you discuss your options.

Talk to a study coach

Personal circumstances

If you are experiencing a study delay due to your personal situation,  the Examination Board may decide not to give you a negative binding study advice. The Examination Board refers to the student counselor for advice on whether your personal circumstances have led to your study delay. If you think you will run into a study delay, please make contact with the student counsellor as soon as possible.

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