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Legal Affairs

Find out about your rights as a student, including while you apply, and how to complain if you object to a university decision.

Appeals, objections and complaints

Appeals are for exam results, objections are for decisions made by the university administration or faculty, complaints are about behaviour. Find out what the procedures and regulations are for each at the Office of Appeals, Objections and Complaints.

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Student Charter

The Student Charter records the most important rights and duties of current and prospective students of AUAS. The Charter consists of a general section applicable to all students and a special section linked to specific courses.

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Regulation Undesirable Behaviour

The Regulations on Undesirable Behaviour of the AUAS describe how a complaint can be made regarding undesirable behaviour and the measures then taken. The regulations apply both to members of staff as well as students, extraneous students and observers.

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Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct for International Students sets out rules for institutions with international students. It includes information about accreditation status, admission requirements, immigration and housing, and other essential regulations and procedures relevant to international students.

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Personal Data Protection Act

Based on the Personal Data Protection Act of The Netherlands (Wbp) the AUAS is obliged to protect the personal privacy of any person whose personal details have been processed by the college.

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