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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for International Students following education in The Netherlands is intended to ensure that foreign students are informed correctly, in good time and completely with regard to the higher education that they intend to follow in The Netherlands.

Institutes of higher education are not obliged to observe this code of behaviour. Should they do so however, they are entered in a register that is kept up to date by the Informatie Beheer Groep [Information Management Group] in Groningen. The college does observe the code and is therefore included in the register. Due to the fact of it being entered in the register foreign students may obtain a residence permit more quickly and more easily in order to study in the Netherlands.


All regulations are published at jz.mijnhva.nl(opens in new window) and this page.
Look also for further information at the site of Loket BBK(opens in new window)

1. Agents

The services of agents are sometimes used to enrol foreign students. The agents too come under the Code of Conduct for International Students in Higher Education in The Netherlands.

2. Submission of complaints, first internally

Should a person be of the opinion that the college does not adhere to the Code of Conduct for International Students in Higher Education in The Netherlands or not do so correctly, a complaint should be drawn in the first instance to the attention of the college. Such complaints should be addressed to:

CvB Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Postbus 1025
1000 BA Amsterdam

Should a complaint not be dealt with properly in the opinion of the person concerned or is the college still negligent in the observance of the code, the notice of complaint can then be sent to the National Committee. The address of the National Committee is:

Kempkensberg 12 
9722 TB Groningen
The Netherlands

Should the National Committee declare that a complaint is valid it may determine to have the college deleted from the Register of Institutes for Higher Education which records those observing the code. In such a case the foreign students will not be able to obtain a residence permit in order to follow a course at the college.

3. Where it is to be found in the Student Charter

The college has undertaken by contract to observe the Code of Behaviour for International Students following Higher Education in The Netherlands. It is for that reason that this code is referred to expressly in the Student Charter.

4. Information

Information on the Code of Behaviour for Foreign Students in Dutch Higher Education is available from the Legal Department.