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Tuition fee restitution

If you decide to terminate your enrolment during the academic year, your course participation will be assessed in Studielink to see what proportion of fees may be paid back to you.

If you've chosen to no longer pursue your studies, you can terminate your enrolment using the Studielink student platform. From the platform, we'll see how far you've taken your studies this year and calculate a potential refund based on that. It may also be possible that you still owe part of your fees. 

It may take several weeks to process your enrolment termination. If more has been debited from your account than you owe, this excess amount will be transferred back to the account number from which your tuition fees were originally collected. If less has been debited, the due amount will be automatically debited. We will send you proof that your enrolment has been terminated.

Will I receive a tuition fee reimbursement?

Situations in which you are entitled to tuition fee restitution:

Terminating your enrolment in the months September to May?

  • If you are graduating and have paid your statutory tuition fees or institutional tuition fees and submitted your request to terminate your enrolment via Studielink, you may be entitled to a refund of your tuition fees for the months during which you were no longer enrolled.
  • Terminated your study programme? You may be entitled to a tuition fees restitution.

Terminating your enrolment in the months June through to August?

  • If you terminate your enrolment in the months June through to August, you will not be entitled to a tuition fees restitution.

I object to the enrollment termination date

If you object to the enrolment termination date, you may submit an objection to the Legal Affairs Department.

1 February?

Please note: there have been rumours that all tuition fees will be cancelled if students terminate their enrolment before 1 February. This is not the case. Students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are required to pay for the entire period during which they were enrolled.