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Functional Exercise Therapy

It is important for good health to get some form of exercise every day. That doesn’t come easily to everyone – people with physical health problems or impairments need help getting their daily exercise. The adage goes: ‘healthy movement is something you can learn’.

The objective of the Functional Exercise Therapy Professorship is to contribute to the healthcare of the future through innovations in current professional practice and by updating and improving education for the professionals of the future. The professorship focuses on daily exercise, with a special emphasis on self-management.

The professorship’s research has a significant focus on digital technology. We ask what opportunities technology offers for promoting healthy movement. By working with designers from the creative industry to develop apps and games, we try to get people motivated and make exercise more fun. Of course, an important question here is whether we can, in fact, manage to do this.


In 2018 the Functional Exercise Therapy Professorship joined forces with GRZPLUS to establish two Living Labs – testing grounds where researchers and students work alongside healthcare professionals from GRZPLUS to develop and test innovative ideas for geriatric rehabilitation care.

Published by  Faculty of Health 20 July 2023