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Community Care conducts research on the project “Jong + Oud = Goud” of Stichting SeniorenStudent


In 2015 and 2016, Stichting SeniorenStudent connected over one hundred elderly people and students. These citizens of Amsterdam were introduced to each other based upon shared interests and spent a few hours a month together. Because this project has turned out to be so successful, Stichting SeniorenStudent intends to link five hundred new duo’s in 2017 in three big cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

The research group Community Care considers this a relevant and interesting opportunity to find out which aspects of this project are so effective and make this project so popular for both students and elderly people. Lots of existing projects of welfare organizations that are designed for elderly people with a certain need for help, lack efficiency and effectiveness, but this project is positively received by all parties involved. The older participants as well as students who participate are enthusiastic and say that it has benifited their wellbeing. Therefore we wonder whether this form of social care should be part of the care supply by local authorities on a structural basis. This year our research group will scutinize in what ways this project meets the needs of elderly and to what extent the project can reduce loneliness and increase self-reliance. We intend to conduct this research by means of interviews with participants (students and older people), data analysis,literature study and forming a learning community with the partners involved.

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Published by  ARISI 3 April 2017

Project Info

Start date 02 Mar 2017
End date 01 Mar 2018


Ymke Kelders