AUAS Library

Library Card

Borrow with your Student or Staff ID card. Not a student or staff member? Request a library card and use the AUAS collections.

For students and staff

AUAS and UvA students can use their Student ID card as a library card. Staff of AUAS and UvA can use their Staff ID card as a library card.


Alumni can borrow free of charge for another year from the date of graduation. The date of graduation can be found on the original diploma. When picking up a library card, please bring your original diploma as well as a valid ID. The pick-up location for library cards is UB Singel, Singel 425 in Amsterdam.

Non-AUAS borrowers

Those who are not affiliated to AUAS or UvA but would like to borrow publications from the HvA Library, can request a library card online. The conditions are:

  • you must have a fixed address in the Netherlands for at least three consecutive months,
  • you must have a valid ID.

The library card does not entitle you to home access to the databases and e-journals to which the Library has a subscription. To have access, you must use the general-access PCs in the AUAS Libraries.


A library card is €45 and is valid for one year. You will be notified when the card is ready, generally it takes two working days.

The library card is free for students of other Dutch universities, the Open University and the Amsterdam University of the Arts, on showing:

  • a valid student card,
  • a proof of enrolment letter for the current year,
  • a valid ID.

The library card is free to staff of other Dutch universities, the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW), the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) and Higher Art Education in Amsterdam on showing:

  • a recent pay slip,
  • a valid ID.


Two months before the library card expires, you will receive an email which tells you how to renew it.

Changing personal data

Do you have a new (email) address, telephone number or is there a change of name? Students and employees can change their details themselves. Students do this in the SIS system , staff in the DSPM system . The changes will automatically be implemented in the library's lending system.

Loss of library card

In case of loss or theft of your library card, have it blocked as soon as possible and request a new one. This new card can be picked up at the service point on presentation of your ID. A replacement card costs €5, unless you can show a police report of the theft.

Borrowing from libraries

Through your own library

Are you a member of another library in the Netherlands and are you interested in a publication held by the AUAS Library? Ask your own library to put in a request and have the publication sent to your library. Your library can give you information on the costs involved. This way you do not need an AUAS Library card.

Borrowing from more than one library

If you wish to borrow from various libraries in Amsterdam, you can buy an AdamNet card. This entitles you to a library card of the UvA/AUAS Library, the Public Library Amsterdam (OBA), the libraries of the Free University (UBVU), Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and the InHolland University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam/Diemen.

Published by  HvA Library 13 May 2024