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Curriculum second year

In your second year at AMFI you will study within the Design, Branding or Fashion Business & Development dimension preparing you for the Flexible Programme in years 3 and 4.

Examples for each dimension


You will design a small streetwear collection with an emphasis on sustainability. You will also organise a fashion show. The latter part of the year will focus on textile, illustration and innovation. You will develop a personal signature for the various markets and design a collection book.

Key topics: design, concepts and trends, creating a collection, knowledge of textiles, pattern design, realisation, drawing and visualisation.

Fashion Business & Development

The entire 2nd year is supported by an individual Product & Development skills line in which you gain the knowledge of; textiles (woven and knitted) , Illustrator 2D drawing, Browzwear 3D design and personal development. You apply these skills in the group assignments.

In the 1st semester, in a group, you develop a "responsible" capsule collection for a non-fashion brand considering people, planet and prosperity. From a brand analysis in which you investigate market, current supply chain, current consumer and materials, you arrive at a proposal for the capsule collection. The next step is to set up collection developed from design principles with circularity in mind. The result is a capsule collection consisting of 1 prototype and 15 outfits.

In the 2nd semester, you develop a strategic advice for a fashion company with the aim of keeping the company ahead of the competition in the long term. In this, you investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the company itself and examine the opportunities and threats coming from the industry and society. This leads to the development of future strategies that you place in a future business model and you indicate what financially necessary to execute the plan will be the return on investment.

Key topics: knowledge of textiles, creating a collection, product theory, ICT logistics, international operational management, knowledge of the retail sector, management skills and economics.

Fashion & Branding

You will be assigned to create a commercial fashion environment in which consumers can experience the brand. Over the course of the second semester, you will create a brand and develop a strategic marketing communication plan and campaign in order to communicate the brand identity in various ways.

Key topics: concepts and trends, brand strategy, marketing and visual communication, writing for a target group, design knowledge, spatial and graphic design and visual merchandising.

Please refer to our course catalogue for detailed information about your second year at AMFI Fashion & Design(opens in new window), Fashion & Branding(opens in new window), Fashion & Business and Development(opens in new window).

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