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During the foundation year of the programme Fashion & Textile Technologies you will have an opportunity to explore personal interests, ambitions and talents in the context of fashion, the fashion industry and its various dimensions.

Year 1

All students follow the same curriculum in the first year. You will be introduced to the many different aspects of the fashion industry.  In your 1st year, you will work on 3 modules supported by a personal and professional development line (PPD).

1.     Dear Fashion: You research the relationship between clothes and fashion, fashion and clothes with a focus on your personal relationship with fashion and clothes.

2.     Labs: You will work with the hard skills used in the fashion industry. You will discover with which skill(s) you can shape your talent. The different skill LABS represent the entire scope of the fashion industry. After this module, you will be able to make a dimension choice for your 2nd year.

3.     The World: You get to know the fashion industry and approach it from your chosen dimension. After this module you will be able to show that you have learnt about the fashion industry, including the roles, systems and issues involved

In the supporting PPD line, you will discover what your creative potential and purpose is within the fashion industry. The module focuses on creative growth, which translates from personal to professional development. 

Please refer to the course catalogue(opens in new window) for detailed information about the first year of this programme.

Three key dimensions

AMFI students explore the fashion world through the prism of three key dimensions: Design, Branding, and Business and Development (previously named Management). Watch the videos below to learn more about AMFI’s three key dimensions.

Fashion & Design

Fashion & Business and Development

Fashion & Branding

Study Coaching

Learning is not just about absorbing facts and being able to recite them, but also about looking critically at your own development and further developing your natural talent. AMFI stimulates you to discover your strong and weak points, and point out to which areas you can give extra attention. To help you shape this process systematically, you will be matched with a study coach who will advise you throughout your studies.

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