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AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English programme)


During the foundation year of the programme Fashion & Textile Technologies you will have an opportunity to explore personal interests, ambitions and talents in the context of fashion, the fashion industry and its various dimensions.

Year 1

Education at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute is product and process-driven, in which the process book - an extensive collection of your research that supports your choices and conclusions - is the basis for reflection on individual development. Classes consist of 25 students.

In the first year you will be making products that all have creative, technical and commercial components – as do all the products and jobs you will encounter later on in the fashion world. Besides making professional products you will also tackle theory and do some thorough research.

The first year has the same programme for all first-year students. This year sets out to introduce you to the many different aspects of the fashion world. You will work on 4 modules all underpinned by a personal development line.

Please refer to the course catalogue(opens in new window) for detailed information about the first year of this programme.

Three key dimensions

AMFI students explore the fashion world through the prism of three key dimensions: Design, Branding, and Business and Development (previously named Management). Watch the videos below to learn more about AMFI’s three key dimensions.

Fashion & Design
Fashion & Business and Development
Fashion & Branding

Study Coaching

Learning is not just about absorbing facts and being able to recite them, but also about looking critically at your own development and further developing your natural talent. AMFI stimulates you to discover your strong and weak points, and point out to which areas you can give extra attention. To help you shape this process systematically, you will be matched with a study coach who will advise you throughout your studies.

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