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European School of Physiotherapy

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the ESP programme you need to have completed secondary education equivalent to the Dutch VWO level and strong written and verbal English communications skills. Due to the limited number of study places (120), a selection day is part of the admission procedure. 

Do your expectations match ours?

Check whether your expectations match our expectations:

  • You are disciplined, willing to work hard, and you know what you want.
  • You have work experience and can work independently.
  • You are ready for a high-level and demanding programme.
  • You really want to work together with other people.
  • You are determined to become a care provider.
  • You feel comfortable in an international environment with different cultures.
  • You are excited about internships in different countries and working abroad.
  • You are interested in the possibilities and movement and functioning of the human body.
  • You have affinity with medical subjects.
  • You have affinity with practical classes and hands-on work.
  • You have relevant (high-school) background in biology, physics, math and chemistry.

Official requirements

  • Prior education with (international) equivalent of Dutch VWO diploma.
    For more information, please visit the Nuffic website(opens in new window)
  • English language proficiency: 6.5 score or higher at the IELTS test (or equivalent).

Enrolment procedure 2023-2024

For the 2023-2024 academic year, make sure to enrol between 1 October 2022 and 15 January 2023 at the latest. Following your enrolment application, the degree programme will invite you to participate in the selection procedure. 

STEP 1: Check the official requirements above to see if you meet the requirements to enrol in the European School of Physiotherapy. 

STEP 2: Apply through Studielink. To apply for a programme at the AUAS, go to Studielink. If you live in the Netherlands, you need a DigiD to access Studielink. If you live abroad, you can apply without a DigiD (see instructions in Studielink). For your application, you will need to enter the CROHO name and code for the programme. For this programme, this is Physiotherapy, 34570.

Go to Studielink
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STEP 3: Download the ESP Application Form to your computer. Complete the form in Adobe Reader, save, and submit via email to esp@hva.nl.  

Download application form 2023-204

The deadline for enrolment is January 15, 2023. Make sure you have completed all steps and uploaded all your documents before this date. After January 15, 2023 it’s no longer possible to apply for the programme. 

Credential Evaluation

If you attended school outside the Netherlands, you will be required to send your diploma and academic records to the admissions office when you apply for ESP. Your diploma and academic records will be reviewed after your application. Please visit our credential evaluaton page for more information.