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Andreas on his experience with the programme

Andreas, 2nd year Fast-Track student

“Students at AMSIB can try to shift their daily activities towards being more sustainable, recycle more, try to do less consumption, basically reducing their carbon footprint. It saves money, time, and nature”

Meet Andreas, an International Business Fast-Track student in his second year, who is not only studying full time but also works as the sustainability coordinator and as a student mentor. After completing his first year at AMSIB online-only, he was finally able to move to Amsterdam at the beginning of his second year. 

Coming from a small town in Romania, Andreas was excited to explore the Netherlands. Originally he wanted to study in the US, however, after a series of coincidences, he started researching universities in the Netherlands and found AMSIB. Both Amsterdam as and AMSIB exceeded his expectations and he felt at home after only a couple of weeks. 

As a student within the fast track programme, Andreas experiences the International Business course within three years instead of four. He followed a different course at a different university prior to AMSIB and applying to the fast track programme to complete his studies within a shorter time period is a challenge he accepted happily. Currently Andreas is in his fourth semester doing a major in international marketing and sales and once he completes his major, he has the opportunity to do his minor abroad or at AMSIB. 

During the first year fast track students face many new challenges and Andreas aims to give back to the AMSIB community by being a student mentor and supporting them. “I know how important my mentor was for me the first year and how much I needed a mentor and if I can help other students as well, why not do it?”. He helps his mentees by helping them navigate their way through their courses and place in the AMSIB community. The Fast Track student mentorship programme was a new initiative brought to life in 2021, although Andreas received a lot of support from his faculty mentor he notices the difference a student mentor can make especially through organising community events and supporting them at a student to student level. His group has a strong bong and supports each other, which is something he feels was missing from his first year experience. 

Andreas is also the Coordinator of the Sustainability Ambassador Programme at the AUAS. He coordinates and motivates the Ambassadors, organises events, training workshops and visits to sustainable companies within Amsterdam. He hopes that the sustainability community will grow further in the next few years and has laid a great foundation for future coordinators and ambassadors to follow his path. 

But where does Andreas’ interest in sustainability come from? Before his studies at AMSIB, he hadn't spent much thought on sustainability, however, after the Governance, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship course at AMSIB, Andreas gained an interest in this topic, as he recognized that it is the future. “We live in a climate crisis at the moment which should be addressed by our generation”. During the course Andreas learned how businesses can be more sustainable, discussing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and applying them to different case studies. Through the practical approach of the course, Andreas realised how the Sustainability Ambassador Programme can implement similar practices at the AMSIB campus, making our environment more sustainable. After some further research on the importance of sustainability, Andreas’ passion for the matter grew, encouraging him to become the Coordinator of the Sustainability Ambassador Programme and motivate others to contribute towards sustainability as well. 

Andreas believes that it is not too late to invest in sustainability and that everyone can contribute. “Students at AMSIB can try to shift their daily activities towards being more sustainable, recycle more, try to do less consumption, basically reducing their carbon footprint. It saves money, time, and nature”. 

In case you are wondering how being a student mentor, the Coordinator of the Sustainability Programme, and completing the fast-track programme can be managed, Andreas advises to “be passionate about what you do and others will appreciate it”. 

We are glad that you are a part of our AMSIB community Andreas and contribute towards a more sustainable and connected environment for everyone! We also congratulate you on receiving your propedeuse (first year) certificate!