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Sport Studies

Open day Sport Studies

Due to the enrolment deadline of 15 January 2023, the Sport Studies programme doesn't participate in the open days of February or April. The first open day of Sport Studies will be organised in November 2023. The exact date will be published on this page in the Spring of 2023.

During the open day you can get a taste of the atmosphere and discover what it is like to study at the AUAS. You will meet the students and lecturers of Sport Studies - track ISMB. Do you have any questions about the study programme? We will be there to answer all your questions during the open day.


During the open day you will follow a programme that consists of a:

  • group tour of the building
  • presentation
  • sports demonstration
  • theory instruction lesson

Open day alert

We offer a few open days each year. You can sign up for an alert and select one or more open days. We will contact you when it's time to create a personalised programme for the open day. 
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