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FAQ Upon arrival: need to do

After your arrival you must arrange a few things. Be aware that you must arrange some of these things yourself before you get here, such as health insurance. See our list of frequently asked questions regarding all the things you need to do upon and after arrival.

Do I need health insurance?

Students need to be insured when studying in the Netherlands. Find out what to do to make sure you are fully covered. Read the website for more in dept information about different types of health insurance

Find out all about insurance


Do I need to register at the municipality? 

Everyone living in the Netherlands for more than four months must register at the municipality (in Dutch: gemeente). This is a simple process without any additional costs, which takes place at your local municipality office of the town where you are going to live. It is only possible to register in person and only on or after the start date of your rental contract, not before this date. 

Check the website for special registration days at the Amsterdam and Diemen municipality.

I need my Citizen Service Number (BSN), how do I get it? 

Once registered at the municipality, you will receive a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer/BSN). You will need this number for example for opening a Dutch bank account, visiting a doctor, receiving hospital treatment or to start work.