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Higher education in the Netherlands

Here you can learn about how the Netherlands education system works and how we - and you - fit into it.

Different types of universities

AUAS is a university of applied sciences. This means it is focused more on practice rather than theory. Here you can read more about how this differs from more academic, research-based universities.

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Grades and grade transfer

At AUAS your grades are automatically transferable throughout Europe and are recognised around the world. Here you can find out about how grades are awarded in the Netherlands, and how the grade transfer system works.

Dutch grading system table


Passing the year

Each course defines a minimum number of credits you need to obtain to pass the year. The decision of whether you pass the year or not is called the Binding Study Advice. A positive BSA means you pass the year, a negative BSA means you do not pass. If you are on course to receive a negative BSA, will receive warnings earlier in the year.

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final steps

Study Check

Once their courses are picked, every student is invited for a Study Check. This involves an online questionnaire about whether you have made an informed choice of degree programme.

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limited places

Selection procedures

Where courses have limited places, they select students. Find out which courses use selection process and what those processes are.

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The Dutch teaching style

They say that the Dutch teaching style is interactive and student-centered. Is that also the experience of international students? See this video by Study in NL.