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Tuition fees 2024-2025

There are 2 levels of tuition fees students are required to pay: statutory and institutional. Read below to see what category you fall into, and what fee level that means for you.

Students fall into 2 tuition fee categories: statutory and institutional. Statutory fees are for people doing their first degree who come from the Netherlands, the EU and EEA, Switzerland and Suriname. This category is also for refugee students funded by UAF.

Institutional fees are for those of other nationalities, or those doing their second or further degree. The following shows the level of fees and the conditions of each fee level.

Please be aware that you may need to submit a proof of financial means as part of your application. Details on this, and other costs of immigration, are available here.

Statutory tuition fees: €2,530

(full-time, part-time, work-study, Master's)
The statutory fee is for all students who meet the conditions of nationality, residence, have no previous degree and are enrolling for the first time.

For the European School of Physiotherapy the statutory tuition fee is €3,530

For the Master Global Sustainable Bus. Management the following fees apply:
To be announced (18 months)
TBA (12 months)

Alumni rate:
TBA  (18 months)
TBA (12 months)

Master in Structural Engineering: TBA

Master Professioneel Meesterschap (in Dutch): €9,500

To pay the statutory fee you must meet the following conditions:


  • You have the Dutch nationality, or that of another EU/EEA country, Switzerland or Suriname.

    EU/EEA countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden.
  • You have the British nationality and you start your studies at AUAS during the transitional period regarding Brexit.  In this case, and under certain additional conditions, you could also be eligible for the statutory tuition fees for the full duration of your studies at AUAS.
  • You hold a type II, III or IV residence permit (and in some cases type I), or your tuition fees are paid by UAF(opens in new window).

No Prior Degree

In order to qualify for statutory tuition fees, you must not have obtained (since 1 September 1991) a prior degree in the Netherlands of the same level as the programme that you wish to study (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree). 
This does not apply if you enter a study program in the field of education or health care for the first time.

If, for example, you already hold a Dutch higher education degree in health care or education and are enrolling in another degree programme,  you are obliged to pay the institutional tuition fee, regardless of the field of your second degree programme.

Initial Enrolment

You only pay tuition fees for your first programme. If you enrol in 2 or more programmes, you only pay the institutional fee level.

Institutional tuition fees: €10,001

If you do not meet the conditions for the Statutory fee then you will be charged an Institutional Fee. There are different conditions attached to this fee, and in some cases this could mean you will not be entitled to a refund of fees if you stop your study.

Since 2010, students who already hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree and subsequently enrol in a second Bachelor's or Master's degree programme no longer pay the statutory tuition fees but instead the institutional tuition fees as set out in Section 7.46 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).

The Executive Board determines the level of these institutional tuition fees, which can vary depending on the degree programme or group of students. Institutional tuition fees are not permitted to be lower than the statutory tuition fee rate.

Guiding principles

Students who do not meet the conditions for the statutory tuition fee rate by definition also do not meet the criteria for funding. This means that the AUAS does not receive a government grant for the enrolment or graduation of these students. This is a key consideration in determining the institutional tuition fee rate. 

In fixing the level of this rate, the AUAS makes no distinction between funded degree programmes: there is only one amount, which is determined on the basis of the principles of simplicity, accessibility and the costs to be covered.

Opinion of the Representative Advisory Council

When adjusting the institutional tuition fees, the Executive Board requests the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) to give its approval before fixing the fees for the new academic year. 


Students who become naturalised citizens of the Netherlands (or another EU/EEA nationality) during the course of the academic year pay the institutional fee until the time of their naturalisation, and after that (from the start of the subsequent month) the statutory rate.

For the European School of Physiotherapy the institutional tuition fee is €11,001.