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Study choice square

If you have practical questions or are unsure about what you want to study, come to the study choice square! Staff members are ready to answer all of your questions during the AUAS open day.

Students on campus at the AUAS

Help choosing a programme: talk to a career coach

Do you already know what you want to study? Or maybe you still have lots of questions and don't know where to start when it comes to choosing a programme. Struggling to decide between a few different options? If this sounds like you, sign up for a conversation with a career coach. You can meet them in person during the on-campus open day or during a virtual meeting in MS Teams at another time that suits you - ideal for international students abroad. These meetings are free of charge. 

Extra support or assistance during your studies 

Do you require extra assistance or are you wondering what the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has to offer students facing special circumstances? Our student counsellors look forward to meeting you and explaining how we can support you. We offer various types of support, for example if you are studying with a disability, have a chronic illness or exceptional personal situation. Pop by the study choice square to find out more - you don't need to make an appointment. 

Practical information about our programmes and admissions 

During the open day you can ask questions about your study choice, the study check or international admission requirements at several locations. 

Enrolment and more

The study choice square during the open day is also the moment to ask any questions you have about submitting your enrolment application, as well as re-enrolling, de-registering, tuition fees and student grants. The Central Student Administration team will be available to help you. 

The 21+ Entrance Examination  

Our expert colleagues are on hand to answer your questions about studying as a mature student. If you are over 21 and don't have the required high school diplomas you can join a training or course, or do an entrance examination. Find out more about the 21+ entrance examination, and talk to someone from our 21+ team visit at the study choice square.

Language and Preparatory Programme 

If you would like to study at the AUAS and have completed your prior education abroad, the Language and Preparatory Programme is a good option. This programme lets you prepare for the Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) level II state examination. Do you have questions about the Language and Preparatory Programme? Come talk to an expert from the AUAS at the study choice square. 

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