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Study choice square

If you have practical questions or are unsure about what you want to study, staff members will be available to answer your questions at the study choice square during the AUAS open day on Saturday 11 February.

Study choice square is a chance to put your enrolment and choice of study questions to experts from student affairs. Whether you have questions about the kind of course you want to study, or specific questions about 21+ education and studying in Dutch, our team from Student Affairs is on hand to find answers for you.


21+ Entrance Examination

Our expert colleagues are on hand to answer your questions about studying as a mature student. If you are over 21 and don't have the required high school diplomas you can join a training or course, or do an entrance examination.

Find out more about the 21+ entrance examination, and visit our colleague at the Study Choice square.

Language and Preparatory Programme

If you would like to study at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and have completed your prior education abroad, the Language and Preparatory Programme is a good option. This programme lets you prepare for the Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) level II state examination. Do you have questions about the Language and Preparatory Programme? Then visit our expert colleague during the open day.

Questions about admission, choice of study, and study check

During the open day on Saturday you can ask questions about study choice, the study check or admission requirements at several locations. We will publish those locations on this page before the end of September.

Questions for student counsellors

Our student counsellor is available to answer your questions on open day. A student counsellor provides information, advice or support regarding your study, studying with a disability or chronic illness or personal problems/situations. Conversations with a student counsellor are fully confidential. Many conversations are about:

  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Study delay because of personal or family circumstances
  • Elite sport
  • Study stress
  • Study choice 
  • Financial matters relating to study
  • Complex issues relating to (re)application, deregistration, tuition fees and student grants