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Get more out of your programme

Are you up for a challenge, and willing to get the very most out of your studies? Do you want to further develop your talent? Join our honours programmes.

AMSIB Honours programme: what's in it for you?


Who are honours programmes for?

Some students stand out through their independence, drive and creativity. They aren't afraid to set the bar high and enjoy the challenge of working with other high-achievers to achieve excellent results. Does this describe you?

Honours talent modules and Honours modules and programmes 

Easily accessible and with no admission requirements, Honours Talent Modules have been developed for first and second-year Bachelor's students interested in discovering whether honours programmes may be right for them.

Students seeking an additional challenge beyond that offered by their degree programmes may apply to do an Honours module or programme. Students mostly take honours programmes in the third and fourth years of their degree programmes. Honours programmes allow these students to demonstrate their ability to perform at a level that exceeds that of standard higher professional education.

There is a wide variety of subjects to choose from, including Entrepreneurship, Governance & Leadership in Finance, Dilemmas and Paradoxes, and Leadership in Sales. The programme involves 15 extra-curricular credit points divided over a maximum of two years. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate.

Please contact Ms. Irena van Nynatten for questions about the Honours Programmes.

For more information, have a look at Honours programmes. For current students: check the MyAUAS page of your degree programme for more information.