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Enrolment and study check

Are you interested in this degree programme? Enrolment for the academic year opens on 1 October. The study check is a mandatory part of the enrolment procedure for applicants with a Dutch secondary school diploma.

Before you apply we recommend an orientation meeting with one of our staff members. We will discuss the admission requirements, the combination of work and study and whether your work experience and/or company are suitable for you to commence with the programme.

We welcome you to contact the Programme Coordinator or Study Advisor to schedule an appointment:

  • André Resing, MSc (Programme Coordinator)
    Contact: a.a.b.resing@hva.nl or +31 (0) 62 115 8241
  • Bilal Moosa, MBA (Study Advisor)                   
    Contact: b.moosa@hva.nl or +31 (0) 62 254 7150

Study check

The study check involves completing an online questionnaire about your choice of degree programme. You will receive a summary based on the answers you give of the process you went through to choose a degree programme, and advice on what else you can do to prepare for starting your degree programme.  If you have questions or doubts about your choice of degree programme, you will receive advice on what you can do to make the best choice.

The study check helps you assess whether you understand what the degree programme is about and provides you with a range of options for what you can do next. You will receive an email invitation to complete the questionnaire from mid-January (not sooner). You should therefore do the study check as soon as possible after receiving the invitation so that you have time to prepare for starting your degree programme. 

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