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AMSIB - International Business


Please note that because of the coronavirus we are compelled to shift to a complete virtual study check.

Before you apply we recommend an orientation meeting with one of our staff members. We will discuss the admission requirements, the combination of work and study and whether your work experience and/or company are suitable for you to commence with the programme.

We welcome you to contact the Programme Coordinator or Study Advisor to schedule an appointment:

  • André Resing, MSc (Programme Coordinator) a.a.b.resing@hva.nl or +31 (0) 62 115 8241
  • Bilal Moosa, MBA (Study Advisor)                    b.moosa@hva.nl or +31 (0) 62 254 7150

Our application procedure is as follows:

  1. Sign up in Studielink(opens in new window), preferably before 1 May but no later than 31 August.
  2. When you have signed up in Studielink and possess a non-Dutch diploma, you will automatically receive an invitation by email from the Central Student Administration (CSA) to submit copies, before a specific deadline, of your non-Dutch diplomas and previous education for evaluation. Read more about our credentials evaluation.
  3. Applicants will receive an invitation per email from the programme to send their resume and a motivation letter to check if the programme is a good match.

CROHO name

The official name of the programme at DUO (The Netherlands’ Education Executive Agency) is International Business. This is the so-called CROHO name (ID 30029). Please see the NVAO website (opens in new window)(Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) for more information about CROHO terminology and accreditation.

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