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Student Roemer Hoogerwerf

Student Master's Programme Digital Driven Business

Looking back, I have learned about so many different aspects of the digital world and business only to realise that we are only at the beginning of something incredible.

Together with a great group of supportive lecturers and professors you are really challenged to bring out the best of yourself. This pays off, because there are many large organisations searching for graduates like us to work for them.

Overall, the programme found the perfect balance of practice and theory. While one moment you’re learning about the strategy behind information systems and technologies, the next moment you’re actually starting to code with Python, R and SQL.

Why did you choose Digital Driven Business? What attracted you to the programme?

Mainly the opportunities and advantages it gives you in business. It is a great way of giving yourself a head start, to show that you are a valuable asset to many organisations. This programme teaches the essentials, after which there is still so much more to learn about technology and digitisation.

What do you find interesting about this programme? What’s challenging?

I am more of a strategist and I prefer writing reports, therefore the academic courses were more my forte. I am not as good at writing code and statistics, so that has been a challenge. You really learn all different aspects of digital business; thus, each person will find different things challenging.

Can you share something about your fellow students?

My peers are quite diverse: some of them have a business background, while others have studied IT, engineering or mathematics. These different fields really come in play when you take courses together. Business students can assist the more technical students with digital business courses, whereas more technical students can help you during the statistics or coding courses.

What has the programme brought you so far?

Knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge. You learn so much during the courses. And there are many guest lectures throughout the year, so you hear first-hand stories from experienced managers and CEOs that expand the definition of digital business even further. When I started, I did not know much about digital business and technology at all. Now that I’m diving into it, I realise that there is still so much to learn.

What are your plans career-wise after obtaining your Master's degree?

My plan is to move to Norway and start my own business. I also hope to work as a  digital consultant at a large organisation, such as Deloitte.

What is your advice for future DDB students?

This programme will challenge you. Sometimes it will involve working until late and a bit of stress. But if you work hard and are up for a challenge then there is so much you can achieve and learn during this study. It is hard work, but it pays off with a well-deserved Master of Science title.