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Selection procedure

Read more about the online selection procedure for Sport Studies - track ISMB.

Signing up for selection 

  • After your enrolment in Studielink(opens in new window) you will receive an email from the AUAS with an online questionnaire and a link to sign up for the selection
  • Make sure that you complete the questionnaire and select a date for the selection as soon as possible after receiving this email
  • If you wait too long, your preferred date could be full.

Please note: emails from the AUAS could end up in your Spam folder. Check this on a regular base.

Programme online selection 

  • A short video regarding your involvement in sport and sport management
  • An online interview
  • An online written theory exam which tests your English, mathematics level, analytical skills, and your knowledge regarding the world of international sport management.

How do you prepare?

  • After you signed up for the selection, you will receive an email from the AUAS
  • As of 1 December, you will receive an email that includes information about the 3 mandatory elements of the selection and a link to the online material for the written theory exam

Selection criteria for ranking

The average mark you receive for the tests will determine your place in the ranking. Your chance of placement depends on the number of available places and the number of students who participated in the selection procedure.

Selection results and ranking number

  • Each prospective student who participates in the selection, will receive a ranking number through Studielink on 15 April
  • The ranking number is based on your results in the selection
  • If your ranking number falls within the maximum number of places in 300 (76 for Sport Studies, 224 for the Dutch track Sportkunde) you will also receive a placement certificate through Studielink on 15 April
  • You must accept your placement through Studielink within 2 weeks
  • If you are not selected, you can still be admitted to the programme after 30 April
  • The AUAS will admit candidates from the waiting list until 15 August at the latest
Check which latest ranking number was offered a spot