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Student Ambassadors

Meet our team of student ambassadors. They are happy to talk to you if you have questions about enrolment and selection, student life in Amsterdam and everything else you need to know about what you can expect from studying at Sport Studies – track ISMB.

About Mawuena
Study year: 2
Nationality: Curaçaoan

Hobbies and interests: football, dance, reading, baking, trying new sport and going go the gym

'I grew up on Curaçao and moved to Amsterdam for my studies. Sports have always been a dominating factor in my life. Due to Curaçao being a tiny island I was sort of forced to move abroad, this was scary yet exciting. The choice for Sport Studies was obvious for me. Even though I learned the Dutch language growing up in the Caribbean, English has always felt more comfortable for me. That mixed with my love for sports made this programme an obvious choice. It was a very nice experience entering Sport Studies and there is a great sense of community between students of all the different study years.

Nowadays I am part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am also trying to explore new places within Amsterdam and throughout The Netherlands in my free time with my friends.'

Email: mawuena.rondeel@hva.nl 



About Carlos
Study year: 2
Nationality: Spanish

Hobbies and interest: football, tennis and any other racket sports, music, travelling, trying out new food, spending time with friends and family

I grew up in Spain, in a family which has always been passionate about sports. Thanks to this, I developed a huge love for sports as well. Even though I played tennis at a high level during many years, my objective was never to become a professional player.

My goal is to make an impact on the sports industry while having fun and enjoying my job. When I came across this programme I knew it was the perfect match! The international environment, the facilities and the opportunity to go on internships to top companies around the world makes Sport Studies the place to be. Feel free to contact me if you have question about the programme, the city or anything else.'

Email: carlos.revilla@hva.nl


About Ashling
Study year: 2
Nationality: American

Hobbies and interests: figure skating, dance, gymnastics, parkour, rock climbing, solo travelling, exploring new cities, going out with friends

'As someone initially from the USA, throughout my life I was introduced to the concept of international identities. My family, originally from Ireland, brought me to Europe, visiting for the first time at 14. Since then, I have been solo travelling through Europe. I knew I had to come here for university given the rich history, culture, and incredible people. When looking for sports business programmes in Europe, Sport Studies was recommended to me as one of the best. Considering I had never been to the Netherlands I thought it would be fun to take a chance on a new country. After arriving I realised how much I had to adapt to the culture. I began to adapt to not only Dutch culture, but European too.

This programme gave me both an outlet to learn about sports and diverse cultures and changed my perspective on the world. I have grown so much as a person throughout the programme, not only due to the teaching, but the tight knit community between students. Because of the programme size, the smaller community allows everyone to get to know each other at a deeper level. When Sport Studies is described as a family, it’s perfectly fitting. I am not only happy to be here but proud of my progress as a student, as a foreigner, and within the community. If you ever have any concerns about getting used to the new international environment, or just have questions about the community or the programme I am happy to talk.'

Email: ashling.murphy@hva.nl


About Ndina
Study year: 3
Nationality: Namibian 

Hobbies and interests: dancing, netball, rhythm gymnastics, athletics, football, listening to Amapiano, having a good time with friends, travelling and being an 'extroverted introvert'

'I'm a young Namibian who values positivity and making the best of any situation I find myself in. I have always been passionate about sports and view it as a catalyst for individual growth and nation-building. My educational upbringing has been diverse, which has provided me with a unique world perspective and ability to adapt to new environments while remaining sociable and open-minded. I also like to think of myself as a friendly, fun loving and eager for new experiences. 

My decision to pursue this programme stems from my desire to work in the field of sports and to advocate for sports as a factor in the social and economic development of my home country. I look forward to the rest of the programme in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, which allows us to meet new people and gain new experiences. If you have any questions: ask away. Sport Studies – track ISMB is the way to GO!'

Email: tosca-ndina.simon@hva.nl


About Jakob
Study year: 3
Nationality: German

Hobbies and interests: team and ball sports (with a love for handball and basketball), cooking, partying (especially in Amsterdam!), going to the gym, travelling and widen my cultural horizon

'I grew up in Cologne (Germany) until I moved to Amsterdam for Sport Studies - track ISMB. Making this my first proper international experience. Even though I loved my time in Cologne, I was ready for a new experience, as I didn’t feel satisfied anymore. Amsterdam was the best but also the scariest solution to this problem. I did not know anyone here and rarely spoke English in high school. But after the first day of intro week, all my fears and concerns vanished. I was welcomed with the greatest warmth and acceptance, and that helped me a lot to start and become part of the Sport Studies - track ISMB family.

Nowadays, I'm involved in our Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Student Representative Council. I also attended a lot of events alongside the amazing school programme which were both sportive and entrepreneurial. Sport Studies – track ISMB offers a great variety of sports for everyone. And even though sports such as dancing might seem overwhelming at first, the experience will be amazing in the end. If you have any questions regarding the programme or the city, I'm more than happy to answer them. Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you.'

Email: jakob.geissler@hva.nl


About Jazz 
Study year: 3
Nationalities: Swiss, Dutch

Hobbies and interests: tennis, volleyball, swimming; basically all sports, a big Foodie, spending time with friends and family, meeting new people, going out of my comfort zone, and being adventurous

'Growing up in an international environment, I have been surrounded by all kinds of sports. From individual sports to team sports; all aspects have played a huge role in my life. That's the reason why I found Sport Studies – track ISMB such an interesting programme to apply to. I'm a very practical person who wants to be involved in the world of sports. This programme incorporated exactly that. I instantly felt at home with the environment, the people, and the programme.

The programme has welcomed me with open arms and made studying something I love doing every day. Building new memories with all the people here, whilst broadening my horizon on the world of sports, I have adapted better than I ever expected to. I am excited to use all the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that I’ve received at Sport Studies – track ISMB, to find interesting and challenging internships. I can’t wait to meet everyone here next year. If you have any questions about the process or more,  I’m all ears :) Feel free to message me whenever.

Email: jazz.conrad@hva.nl


About Gaïane 
Study year: 4
Nationalities: German, French, Congolese, Belgian

Hobbies and interests: sports, running, laying in the sun, adventures, food and movies

'My whole life I’ve been interested and involved in sports, as an athlete or an organiser. Just like anyone, my dream was to be a high performance athlete, which did not happen because of injuries. When I graduated I took a gap year to work, play football and travel, and when covid started I ended up taking a second gap year to go home to my family in Uganda, and spent the rest of the year travelling with friends and making experiences.

I learned about Sport Studies - track ISMB through an old coach and decided that if I could not be an athlete, I at least want to work with them in some way. I grew up in Uganda, and spent my years competing in football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and field, and boxing. I am very excited to answer any questions you have, and to get to meet all of you!'

Email: gaiane.fehr@hva.nl(opens in new window)

About Nick
Study year: 4
Nationality: German

Hobbies and interests: football, American football, going out, meeting new people, spontaneous trips

'I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. I have been interested and involved in sports my entire life, after school and 2 years of working, it became clear to me that I wanted to study something close to the world of sports. While researching different programmes (mostly physiotherapy) I stumbled across Sport Studies - track ISMB and instantly fell in love with this programme. A sport related, practical and international minded programme which sets you up for a variety of different specialisation and career opportunities. 

After 1 year in Amsterdam I can say I made the right choice. The programme is interactive, interesting and fun. Living away from home for the first time, Amsterdam as a city and the Sport Studies family made it super easy to feel at home. Living in a beautiful city with open and adventurous people made for many great experiences and so much more to come. In the future I am eager to use the opportunities this programme offers and find great internships and minors abroad to further expand my horizon and gain practical knowledge in my areas of interest within the World of Sport. I you have any questions about our programme, student life in Amsterdam or whatever feel free to contact me.'

Email: nick.riege@hva.nl(opens in new window)

About Veronique
Study year: 4
Nationality: Dutch

Hobbies and interests: travelling, gymnastics, dance, skiing, hanging out with friends and family, going to a terrace, drawing, being creative

'I'm a young, curious, and caring student who lived her whole life in the Netherlands. Although I haven’t seen much of the world (yet), I love to discover new countries. I also love to hang out with friends, grab some good food on a sunny terrace, and talk for hours. After finishing high school, I knew I directly wanted to start an education. I did not know what to choose since I had so many things that I liked.

When I attended the Sport Studies - track ISMB open day, I knew this was the study for me. It contained the main 3 things I wanted in an education: sports, international orientation, and business.  I fell in love with the programme, people, and Amsterdam. I am excited to meet you and answer all your questions, whether it is regarding the program, atmosphere, Amsterdam, the endless number of studies you can choose from, or anything else that comes to your mind. I am happy to help!'

Email: veronique.de.wit@hva.nl(opens in new window)

About Joseph
Study year: graduate
Nationality: Zambian

​​​​​​Hobbies and interests: football, basketball, tennis and fitness. I also enjoy travelling as well as hanging out with friends gaming and having a laugh or a drink.

'I moved to Amsterdam in August 2021. I am making the most out of the study. I am also really excited for what lies ahead. The time really does fly in the course, so you have to make the best of it. am a fun, easy going guy that is good to chat to. So please, if there is anything you are curious about, please let me know.' 

Email: joseph.zwart@hva.nl

About Adam
Study year: graduate
Nationality: Czech

Hobbies and interests: travelling, golf, vlogging, stocks/ trading, athletics, swimming, volleyball, tennis, badminton and football

'Before Sport Studies – track ISMB I was doing international business in Amsterdam for a year, but I dropped out as I was not pursuing my passion. So here I am. I have lived in many places, Prague, Beijing and Berlin. That has allowed me to become a super open, outgoing guy that is eager to spread positivity wherever I go. If you want some of this positivity and good vibes, please reach out.'

Email: adam.lejanec@hva.nl

About Alba
Study year: graduate
Nationality: Spanish

Hobbies and interests: surfing, basketball, skateboarding, diving, movies and travelling

'Born in Spain, I grew up in a small town near the coast, where I spent most of my time on the water. My mother being half Dutch was one of the many reasons that I wanted to follow my study in Amsterdam. I love meeting new people from many different backgrounds and cultures, hence why I chose this international environment. I am a first year so I can be really helpful to answer your questions about transitioning into the study.'

Email: alba.vives.bataille@hva.nl